P,2, 1.52.1; 3, 1.49.2; 4, 1.48.4 $807,746
Foaled 2008 Brown Horse 15.1 Hands
Rocknroll Hanover - Pleasing Package - Fake Left

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  • Sire of only one crop of 21 foals in North America, and now the imported Irish bred Oakwood Inittowinit making 22 foals registered to race in North America
  • 20 Starters – 90.9% starters to foals
  • 17 Winners – 85% winners to starters
  • 15 in 1.55 including 1 in sub 1.50
  • $2,056,959 in progeny earnings
  • Average earnings per starter $102,847
  • Average earnings per winner $120,997
  • Finished 6th on the USTA Top 20 sire average of 3 year olds in 2017 in North America
  • Son Drunk On Your Love (P,3 1.51.1 $394,264) was honoured 2017 Ohio 3 Year Old Pacing Colt of the year
  • Daughter Rosemary Rose (1.50.3 $589,217) 3 Year Old Fillies Northfield Park Track Record Holder
  • Currently stands in Ireland at Oakwood Stud, Frozen Semen available through KTC Bloodstock – Australia Wide. In Ireland he is the sire of six horse of the year awards now from three small crops to race, including Newtown Jody the 2019 Horse Of the Year, she made her 2020 season debut when winning the Group 2 North Wales 4YO Fillies in Track Record at Sir Prince Raceway she then went onto take out the Irish/Uk Breeders Crown. Oakwood Inittowinit who was recently purchased by Ron Bourke and exported to the USA. He made a winning debut in 1.51.1 on a half mile track and has since taken his North American record to six starts, five wins and one second with a 1.50.3 mile. Foreclosure is the sire of up and coming Irish bred star filly Oakwood Anabella the recent Breeders Crown winner and last start won in astonishing fashion scoring by 15L and setting a new British 2YO Fillies Record and York 2YO Fillies Record. She is currently unbeaten from three starts to date.


At 2 - Winner of five races including New Jersey Sire Stakes Championship - Pacing Freehold in 1.54.3h and his Breeders Crown elimination where he set his freshman mark of 1.52.lf at Pocono Downs - Just 1/5th of a sec outside the track record. 

At 3 - Paced 1.49.2f and competed against the best, making the final of the Meadowlands Pace and the $1.5 million North America Cup pacing his last ¾ mile in 1.20 flat to be a fast finishing 4th. 

As an Aged Horse - Foreclosure won 8, including the American National Classic at Balmoral Park defeating Foiled Again, Golden Receiver and Aracache Hanover, cutting out quarters of 26.2, 53.0 and 1.19.0 before winning in a career best 1.48.4. 



"I think this stallion has a very good opportunity at stud already having fantastic results from a small crop in America. I really liked him, he was a real professional on the track that tried hard every inch of the mile. Had a great gait with a great attitude that really wanted to do his work and was one super fast horse."  Tim Tetrick


Service Fee $2,750

Available Australia Wide
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Rocknroll Hanover Western Ideal Western Hanover No Nukes
Wendymae Hanover
Leah Almahurst Abercrombie
Liberated Angel
Rich N Elegant Direct Scooter Sampson Direct
Noble Claire
Proven Perfect Abercrombie
Shifting Sands
Pleasing Package Fake Left Cam Fella Most Happy Fella
Nan Cam
Madam Madusa Albatross
Miss Exceptional
Pleading McKinzie Almahurst BGs Bunny
Magic Almahurst
Pleadover Elston Hanover
Age Starts 1st 2nd 3rd Earnings Time
2 11 5 1 2 $234,590 1:52.1
3 12 2 1 2 $269,973 1:49.2
4 21 6 2 3 $269,211 1:48.4
5 9 2 1 1 $33,972 Q 1:50.1
Total 53 15 5 8 $807,746 1:48.4
At 2 Winner of five races including New Jersey Sire Stakes Championship - Pacing Freehold in 1.54.3h and his Breeders Crown elimination where he set his freshman mark of 1.52.lf at Pocono Downs - Just 1/5th of a sec outside the track record. 
At 3 Paced 1.49.2f and competed against the best, making the final of the Meadowlands Pace and the $1.5 million North America Cup pacing his last ¾ mile in 1.20 flat to be a fast finishing 4th. 
All Aged Foreclosure won 8, including the American National Classic at Balmoral Park defeating Foiled Again, Golden Receiver and Aracache Hanover, cutting out quarters of 26.2, 53.0 and 1.19.0 before winning in a career best 1.48.4. 

 In the Northern Hemisphere, Foreclosure's oldest and only crop of 21 are current 4 year olds; 21 Foals, 19 Starters, 15 Winners.

To date he is the sire of:

Name Foaling Year Sex Record Earnings Dam Sire of Dam
Rosemary Rose 2014 Mare P,5 1:50.3 $589,217 Pantathlon The Panderosa
Drunk On Your Love (pictured) 2014 Gelding P,3 1:51.1 $394,264 Western Show Western Hanover
Foolish Heart 2014 Mare P,3 1:52.4 $146,645 Foolish Kiss Art Major
Thank the Bank 2014 Mare P,3 1:52.1 $129,913 Armbro Thavage Jate Lobell
Pace Car 2014 Gelding P,3 1:53.0 $126,713 Breakheart Pass Western Hero
Up On The Outside 2014 Gelding P,4 1:49.3 $104,892 Armbro Danish Western Hanover
Miss Meeko 2014 Mare P,3 1:53.0 $80,951 Meeko Mania Kentucky Spur
Riggle Wealth 2014 Gelding P,4 1:50.3 $75,215 Ashlee's Girl Artsplace
Trillionair 2014 Gelding P,4 1:54.1 $74,042 Tymal Vector Mach Three
Easy Livin 2014 Mare P,3 1:54.0 $66,479 I've Got The Life Life Sign
Only Live Once 2014 Mare P,3 1:53.3 $59,918 Diorama Real Artist
Double Negative 2014 Mare P,5 1:55.0 $47,856 No Picnic Bandlands Hanover
Oakwood Inittowinit 2016 Gelding P,4 1:50.3 $46,964 Abbey Won The Panderosa
Latenite Destiny 2014 Mare P,4 1.54.3 $41,605 Melanie VC Village Connection
Tinhorn Fugue 2014 Gelding P,4 1.52.1 $36,101 Cheyenne Hepburn Cam's Card Shark
Reposession 2014 Gelding P,4 1.56.0 $23,045 Pupetta Blissfull Hall
Mr Bankrupt 2014 Gelding P,3 2.00.4 $11,179 Punchas Pilgrim Pilgrims Punch

Foreclosure’s pedigree combines the contemporary influences of  the No Nukes/Western Hanover sireline with those of the Cam Fella sireline via the latter’s very influential son Fake Left.


As a Western Hanover sireline stallion, Foreclosure is well-equipped genetically to cross successfully with mares’ carrying the three other popular contemporary sirelines in Abercrombie ( in particular via his son Artsplace ), Cam Fella and Direct Scooter  but not to the total exclusion of more traditional or even outcrossed bloodlines which can surprise with a superior individual on the racetrack.


The Western Hanover sireline as carried paternally by Foreclosure typically delivers well-recognised traits and attributes such as natural athleticism, early maturity and generally good inherent gait.

Other sirelines such as those mentioned above can either enhance or complement these traits and attributes making for a more rounded individual in your breeding endeavours.


The Abercrombie sireline introduces stamina, gait and soundness characteristics and through his son Artsplace unrelenting stamina.

With Foreclosure carrying two prominent female only lines of Abercrombie, both through his sire Rocknroll Hanover, it is logical to put Abercrombie line mares to Foreclosure as they offer the key male sex-balancing line of Abercrombie that Foreclosure is seeking for best results.

Abercrombie line mares’ include the likes of  Albert Albert, Day In A Life, Flight Laag, I Am A Fool, Island Fantasy, Jet Laag, Life Sign, Pacific Rocket, Panorama, Peruvian Hanover, Real Desire and Tell All et al whilst mares’ coming through Artsplace include the likes of Artesian, Artiscape, Art Major, Art Official, Astreos, Dali, Dream Away, Flightpath, Follow The Stars, For A Reason, Fully Loaded, Grinfromeartoear, Major Bronski, Major In Art, Mister Big, Modern Art, Mr Feelgood, Partywiththebigdog, Peace Of Art, Perfect Art, Santana Blue Chip, Smiling Shard, Sportswriter, Stonebridge Regal and Sweet Lou et al.

If we look at Foreclosure’s own sire Rocknroll Hanover we note that the latter has produced his most successful runner from an Artsplace mare in Rock N Roll Heaven whilst another highly successful son and now sire Pet Rock is also bred on this cross.


The Cam Fella sireline introduces depths of stamina and toughness, Cam Fella being recognised as the greatest stamina horse ever produced in North America.

Foreclosure himself is bred on this cross being out of a mare by Cam Fella’s illustrious son Fake Left, whilst emerging sire A Rocknroll Dance also carries the Rocknroll Hanover/Cam Fella cross.

Cam Fella line mares’ are prolific and include the likes of Armbro Operative, Artistic Fella, Betterthancheddar, Bettor’s Delight, Blissfull Hall, Brioso Hanover, Cameleon, Cammibest, Camtastic, Caribbean Blaster, E Dee’s Cam, Exotic Earl, Fake Left, Four Starzzz Shark, Gold Ace, Highview Tommy, Lislea, Lis Mara, Million Dollar Cam, Pacific Fella, Precious Bunny, Presidential Ball, Riverboat King, Roll With Joe, Safari, Shadyshark Hanover, Shark Gesture, Village Jolt and Washington VC et al.

With a male only line of Cam Fella ( via Fake Left ), Foreclosure is well set up genetically to produce good results over any mares’ carrying sex-balancing female lines of Cam Fella. These can often be found in the maternal pedigrees of broodmare sires with the likes of Somebeachsomewhere immediately springing to mind here.


The Direct Scooter sireline not only offers welcome outcrossed bloodlines ( for hybrid vigour ) being devoid of the prolific influences of Meadow Skipper, but it brings with it the highly desirable enhanced gait characteristics offering the benefits of greater fluency of pacing action. This in turn has resulted in conservation of energy and an ability to display higher levels of speed and to sustain such speed over greater distance. The pioneering deeds of In The Pocket and Matt’s Scooter have been carried on through their respective sons the likes of Christian Cullen and Mach Three and all have played a significant part in revolutionising race times and advancing speed in the breed over the last two decades in the Southern Hemisphere.

Direct Scooter line stallions include Advance Attack, Alta Christiano, Auckland Reactor, Changeover, Christian Cullen, Courage Under Fire, Extreme Three, Fly Like An Eagle, Goodtime Sammy, Gotta Go Cullect, Gotta Go Cullen, In The Pocket, Julius Caesar, Lanercost, Mach Three, Mattuity, Net Ten Eom, Ohoka Arizona, Pay Me Christian, Raging Bull, Rob Roy Mattgregor, Royal Mattjesty, Sir Lincoln, Somebeachsomewhere, Stunin Cullen, Sunshine Beach and Tinted Cloud et al.

Foreclosure carries just a single female sex-balancing line of Direct Scooter ( via his leading daughter Rich N Elegant ) so should mesh very successfully with mares’ carrying the presence of the stallions’ as above.


It is also worth noting that older more traditional bloodlines or colonially influenced bloodlines could work well in association with the pedigree of Foreclosure.

We know from past results that Albatross line mares have crossed well with Western Hanover line stallions. This is not surprising as Albatross ( speed and gait ) has always complemented Most Happy Fella’s ( found in Foreclosure’s sireline ) stamina and toughness offerings as breed changing sire Meadow Skipper’s two most influential sons.

Albatross line stallions include Butler BG, Holmes Hanover, Soky’s Atom, Talk About Class, Tompkins Hanover and Vance Hanover et al.


The highly outcrossed Falcon Seelster line mares have crossed with a wide variety of sirelines such is their versatility and have also displayed an affinity with Western Ideal producing the likes of Dawn Ofa New Day ( Western Ideal / Falcon Seelster ) and Ideal Scott ( American Ideal / Falcon Seelster ).

It is also worth noting that the earlier maturity of the Western Hanover/ Western Ideal sireline should greatly benefit the generally slower maturing Falcon Seelster line.

Falcon Seelster line stallions include the likes of Attorney General, Elsu, McArdle, Million To One, Rich And Spoilt, Sealed N Delivered, The Falcon Strike Tintin In America, and Trump Casino et al.


Originally scorned upon as lacking in big success, the doubling up of No Nukes paternally has grown in acceptance and has become more prevalent particularly as he becomes further removed in a pedigree. Western Ideal and American Ideal have both left very good horses out of No Nukes line mares whilst Western Hanover’s son Western Terror when crossed over a Live Or Die mare produced the very talented and versatile Terror To Love who was 3x4 paternally linebred to No Nukes.

Aligning to this, mares by sons of Western Hanover are also crossing well when returned to stallions from the same sireline. There is now clear evidence that paternal linebreeding to Western Hanover should not be instantly dismissed with Foreclosure offering 4x3 paternal linebreeding to Western Hanover for any mare by a son of Western Hanover.

No Nukes or Western Hanover line stallions include Allamerican Ingot, Badlands Hanover, Barnett Hanover, Caprock, If I Can Dream, Jereme’s Jet, Kinney Hanover, Live Or Die, Northern Lights, Panspacificflight, P Forty Seven, Ponder, Red River Hanover, Righteous Hanover, Rustler Hanover, Safely Kept, Shadow Play, Ticket To Heaven, Union Guy, Village Jasper, Well Said,  Western Terror and We Will See et al.

Similarly, daughters of the sons of Western Ideal will feature 3x3 paternal linebreeding to Western Ideal when bred to Foreclosure.

Western Ideal line stallions include the likes of Always A Virgin, American Ideal, Artspeak, Big Jim, Dawn Ofa New Day, Heston Blue Chip, He’s Watching and Vintage Master et al.

With his male only line of Western Hanover, Foreclosure should also be very receptive to mares’ carrying a female line of Western Hanover for sex-balancing purposes. Mares by Shark Gesture come to the fore here as will in the future mares by Betting Line et al.


As we can see from the above, male linebreeding presences abound for Foreclosure but the presence of Golden Miss ( the 4th dam of his sire Rocknroll Hanover ) also presents a wonderful female linebreeding opportunity not only through her daughters and grand-daughters ( who include Malaysia, Shifting Sands, Shifting Scene, Proven Perfect and Whispering Sands ) but also to her high class son Strike Out.

Golden Miss was accorded the status of “The Queen Of Gait” such was her impeccable pacing action and there is little doubt that Strike Out inherited much of this with his blistering speed and scintillating gate speed.

This is blood well worth compounding in your pedigree matching endeavours.


With the premature demise of  Foreclosure’s sire Rocknroll Hanover, all eyes are now on the sons of  Rocknroll Hanover that have gone to Stud thus far and what they are going to cross best with.

Sons of Rocknroll Hanover who feature in this category include A Rocknroll Dance, B G’s Folly, Pet Rock and Rock N Roll Heaven with the last-mentioned of these stallions easily being the most established and currently the most “Commercial” so we will have a look at what sires and sirelines have produced his best progeny in each of North America, Australia and New Zealand.

This should serve as a useful indicator for that which could work for Foreclosure and may also serve as actual examples of what has been aforementioned in this guideline that could work successfully for Foreclosure.


Rock N Roll Heaven ( a son of Rocknroll Hanover ):


North America ( Top 10 on earnings )

Horse                               Damsire Sireline            Damsire                


Sassa Hanover                Cam Fella                       Allamerican Native, by Pres.Ball

Divine Caroline               Artsplace                       Art Major

Rockin In Heaven           French Chef                   Jenna’s Beach Boy

Blazin Britches                Western Hanover          Allamerican Ingot

Soto                                   Artsplace                       Art Major

Mackenzie A                    No Nukes                       Safely Kept

Band Of Angels               No Nukes                       Jate Lobell

Fine Diamond                  Western Hanover          Western Terror

Arque Hanover                Dragon Again                Dragon’s Lair

K-Rock                             Cam Fella                       Fake Left


Australia ( Top 10 on earnings )

Horse                                Damsire Sireline            Damsire


Rocknroll Magic              No Nukes                       Live Or Die

Heavens Trend                Artsplace                        Perfect Art

Jilliby Jitterbug               Direct Scooter                Christian Cullen

Rock Of America             Artsplace                       Artiscape

Park Life                           Direct Scooter               In The Pocket

Rockmemama                   No Nukes                      Safely Kept

Frankie Rocks                  Cam Fella                      Fake Left

Anything For Love           Artsplace                       Perfect Art

Fouroeight                         Abercrombie                Life Sign

Eye See Diamonds            Artsplace                       Perfect Art


New Zealand ( Top 9 on times )

Horse                                 Damsire Sireline             Damsire


Heaven Rocks                   Cam Fella                       Pacific Fella

Killer Queen                      Artsplace                        Partywiththebigdog

Emily Blunt                       Falcon Seelster               Elsu

Shez All Rock                    Direct Scooter                Mach Three

A G’s White Socks            Albatross                        Soky’s Atom

Benicio                                Direct Scooter                Mach Three

Let It Ride                          Cam Fella                       Bettor’s Delight

Rocknroll Princess            Direct Scooter                Christian Cullen

Star Of Memphis               Direct Scooter                Christian Cullen



Ken Mackay

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April 2018.